Laminated or Toughened Glass which is best?

It was visible that some store front simply disappeared whilst others stood up to duplicated attack. The glass smashed and will require replacement but these opportunists were deterred and quickly moved down the street … why?

Well its the difference between glass that is toughened and glass that’s laminated.

Basic glass, although strong shatters into long, often dagger shaped fragments which are lethal to life and limb. That’s why strengthened or laminated should be considered for susceptible areas.

The good thing about toughened glass is that it is extremely strong and when it shatters, it disappears into small safe cubes. The down side is that burglars can go into the building instantly its broken.

Laminated glass on the other hand, has layers between the glass so that glass remains connected to the layer, a bit like thick stick film holding the glass in place. Repeated blows will eventually smash through both layers of glass however needs considerable effort. Typically excessive for the opportunist burglar, 3 or 4 blows and they move onto other targets.

The same too applies to windows and doors in you home. If you require security then insist you get laminated glass and think about using a business whose products have actually “improved security” through the Police preferred items, “protected by design”. The glass and products might be more pricey however burglars will be hindered and you may find you avoid being burgled.

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