Can new Windows Reduce Road Noise?

How is Road Noise Measured?

Noise is determined in decibels (db’s). In general terms noise is deadened the additional apart the two sheets of glass are apart, that’s why secondary glazing (spaced 200mm) uses maximum reduction however most residents are driven to do something with their main windows and expect the double glazed sealed unit to do the very same job.

Fitting two sheets (or triple) in the main windows will decrease sound, but you’ll get more decrease fitting 2 sheets of various thicknesses (4mm and 6mm) since sound resounds and sets of the 2nd sheet (if it’s the very same thickness). Property owners ought to likewise consider 6.8 mm “Stadip silence” a sound deadening laminated glass used in libraries as one of the sheets.

A lot of noise passes through trickle vents really easily regardless of frame product timber, PVC aluminium etc, and avoiding dirt and sound to go through is very difficult unless you have a monstrous size of drip vent. Many installers fit them thinking they are needed, if you existing windows don’t have them, the regs state your brand-new windows do not need them either (normal home no unique gas ventilation etc).

Wood frames, being strong will be less noisy than PVC frames which tend to be hollow unless they are foam filled.

So in summary, it is much better to have two thicknesses of glass or 2 sheets large apart like secondary glazing.

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