Window Roofing – The Benefits

Roofing system windows can bring natural light and ventilation to parts of your home where standard vertical windows aren’t practical.

Roofing system windows are windows constructed into the roofing of a home. They can be opening or non-opening, and are terrific at supplying light and fresh air to otherwise dark parts of a house.

For numerous homeowners roofing system windows are a perfect window option for loft conversions, attics, house extensions and more.

The advantages of roofing windows

Discover the many advantages of roofing windows as a window service for your house.

Gain more natural light

Roof windows bring natural light to locations of your house where a basic vertical window is merely not practical. Conversions, attics and home extensions are key examples of where this may hold true.

Dark passages and rooms which are cut off from outside walls are also examples of places a roof window can introduce natural light where a standard window can not.

This can have a transformative result on your living areas.

Boost liveable space in your home

As roofing windows increase natural light, they can assist to increase the liveable area within a home, offering extra room for pastimes, storage, a research study or workplace, or perhaps an extra bed room.

Every home purchaser knows that each square foot of a home is a precious commodity – it counts to make the most of what you have!

Get rid of structure restrictions

In some scenarios, constructing constraints might restrict the types of windows permitted to be set up in a house. Often this can be a case of needing to match the general visual of the structure.

In many cases roofing windows can be the best or perhaps the only choice.

Improve your house’s ventilation

Ventilation is essential in the home and helps to minimise the levels of air-borne toxins and moisture in the home, the latter can trigger mould and condensation concerns.

Ventilation also helps to manage odours and provides much better air quality for those inside the residential or commercial property, adding to the general living comfort of the house.

Boost thermal convenience

A comfortable house is essential, and whether it is a room being nice and cool in summertime, or cosy and warm in winter season, thermal comfort definitely makes a difference to how comfy a home’s residents will feel.

Roofing system windows with energy efficient glazing can increase a house’s thermal convenience year-round, by trapping the warm air inside in the winter season and keeping it out in the summertime.

Enhance sound insulation

Sound insulation is incredibly important. Undesirable sound can cause stress and tiredness, and it can interfere with the pleasure of life.

Installing roof windows that have glazing with exceptional acoustic insulating residential or commercial properties can keep out sound pollution such as hectic roads or low-flying aircraft, when deployed in conjunction with other noise-reducing methods.

Add to your home’s value

A house with more natural light, enhanced ventilation and acoustic insulation, remarkable thermal convenience and that increases its liveable space is most likely to show extremely appealing to home buyers.

As roof windows can help in offering all of these things, they can be a sound financial investment in your house.

What is a roof window?

A roofing system window is a window that is included into the roofing design of a property. A roofing system window is similar to a skylight and other similar architectural or lighting features, but has fundamental distinctions.

A roofing system can have one or several roof windows of differing sizes. New roof windows may be tinted, double glazed or triple glazed and may be entirely sealed shut, or have the ability to be opened.

Commonly roof windows are from the original develop, but they can likewise be set up into the building at a later date.

What does a roof window consist of?

Roofing windows have 2 parts: the window itself and the flashing kit.

The flashing kit is the part that provides you with the ability to repair the window to your roofing system and ensure it is water tight. The seal is an incredibly important part of this part. Recessed or low profile flashing and conservation design flashing are just a few of the types offered.

What is the distinction in between a roofing system window and a skylight?

Roofing windows tend to be set up in between the tiles of an angled roof, whereas skylights tend to be installed horizontally or near horizontal as part of the primary roofing structure.

The light provided by the window relies entirely on natural light. Skylights tend to provide a consistent light due to the fact that they use diffusers. A roofing system window is frequently much larger than a skylight to offer much better views and more light. Roofing windows are also normally able to be opened whereas skylights can not.

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5 Things To Look For In A Glazing Business

Like any home improvement buying decision, selecting the right windows, doors, conservatory, orangery or other glazing products for your house needs cautious consideration.

You’ll wish to think of the style and design you like best, energy performance and how the replacement windows and doors could lower your heating expenses, how long an item is anticipated to last, whether its setup needs preparing consent, and naturally how it fits with your spending plan.

It’s a lot to consider but diligence when picking the items for your house improvement will likely pay off in the long run.

It’s the very same with selecting a glazing company to supply and/or set up glass and glazing products in your house.

Without any absence of option and lots of companies offering comparable items, we’ve highlighted six essential things to search for in a glazing company to ensure you get the very best suggestions, service and customer securities before, throughout and after your glazing home enhancement.

1) Financial stability

A basic presumption we all make as customers is that the businesses we purchase items and services from will continue to trade into the foreseeable future.

That way, if we need to require additional suggestions, products or services from the business or after-purchase care such as follow-up work, repair work or warranty replacement we know we’ll be able to call the business and continue as needed by the scenarios.

Nevertheless, the truth is that all companies run in a competitive landscape and lots of factors contribute to their monetary health and following ability to continue trading.

Thankfully for property owners, there are ways to seek peace of mind about a business’s financial stability. For some companies this might come as a result of a high public profile and well-known history, others can benefit from word of mouth and being well established in a neighbourhood.

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Laminated or Toughened Glass which is best?

It was visible that some store front simply disappeared whilst others stood up to duplicated attack. The glass smashed and will require replacement but these opportunists were deterred and quickly moved down the street … why?

Well its the difference between glass that is toughened and glass that’s laminated.

Basic glass, although strong shatters into long, often dagger shaped fragments which are lethal to life and limb. That’s why strengthened or laminated should be considered for susceptible areas.

The good thing about toughened glass is that it is extremely strong and when it shatters, it disappears into small safe cubes. The down side is that burglars can go into the building instantly its broken.

Laminated glass on the other hand, has layers between the glass so that glass remains connected to the layer, a bit like thick stick film holding the glass in place. Repeated blows will eventually smash through both layers of glass however needs considerable effort. Typically excessive for the opportunist burglar, 3 or 4 blows and they move onto other targets.

The same too applies to windows and doors in you home. If you require security then insist you get laminated glass and think about using a business whose products have actually “improved security” through the Police preferred items, “protected by design”. The glass and products might be more pricey however burglars will be hindered and you may find you avoid being burgled.

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Ways to Transform your Conservatory

Have you ever believed that you desired more area in you home? Whether it’s for 5 minutes far from the kids, a family room to watch television in. Ever thought of getting a conservatory? Not just does it include some additional required area, it enhance the value of your home and expenses much less than an extension. Most people use it for storage and do not take full advantage of the extra space that you have been given. Here are an ideas for your conservatory.

Children’s Play Room

Transforming a conservatory into a kids’s play space is something you want you would’ve added earlier! It gives your kids a safe place to take pleasure in getting imaginative turning their play space into things like a pirate ship or a princesses castle. It’s also reassuring as you will know where your kids are playing and where they will be all the time. You might likewise limit toys to just their bed room and their play space making your life 10 times simpler as you wont be running round the whole house after each kid picking up their toys after them … you may actually get 5 minutes to put your feet up!

Home office

More and more tasks are ending up being computer based which suggests more companies have the ability to let their personnel work from home. Nevertheless, working from home can cause numerous distractions, being surrounded by your TV and your pastime will make you side track constantly. Why not turn your conservatory into a workplace? This will assist you avoid the time consuming and expensive commute on days where you could quickly just work from home. By producing your own peaceful work station, this will enable you to concentrate on your operate in the own convenience of your own house. It is likewise stated, working in an environment with a lot of natural light can increase your mood, awareness and productivity.

There are likewise lots of design and styles that you can pick from to assist you select a work area that matches you.

Enjoy Entertainment

Something that is ending up being more popular is a Cinema/ Television room. This could be a space where, as a family, you take a seat to spend some quality time together, no phones enabled, just fully focusing your concentration on the film, disconnect from the remainder of the world and genuinely relax. Also, if you are a sport fanatic, this room would be perfect for a big game. Inviting your buddies round to view the football, providing yourselves a beautiful place to unwind and segregate yourself from the remainder of the world to totally concentrate on the video game.

There are also plenty more alternatives out there. A dining room, a music space for your musically gifted family member, a charming however basic energy space, there are so many various choices.

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How Thick Is Double Glazing? Easily Explained

When you think about double glazing, you may also understand it as insulating glass. The basic idea of double glazing is two pieces of glass separated by a gap which is either a vacuum or filled with gas.

Initially this kind of window was called a storm window. They were also called double hung windows due to the fact that the external layer was gotten rid of in the summer season and after that replaced in the winter season to keep your home warm. For added ventilation the storm window was frequently hung so that it could be opened to let air through.

Traditional storm windows needed to be kept securely during the summertime and cleaned, then rehung as the days became cooler.

Nowadays double glazing means that windows can be installed and left through all types of weather.

What’s the spacer?

It is the gap, or spacer, that makes your home warm and snuggly in the winter and cool in the summertime. The space between the glass can differ from anywhere in between 6mm to 20mm.

Typically, a glass pane is 4mm thick, although you can use a thicker glass if you want included insulation or need to keep outdoors sound to a minimum.

The spacer is also sometimes called the ‘warm edge’ and is frequently made from fibre or metal which are thought about more durable. They are likewise made from structural foam which is less of a heat reflector. Aluminium decreases condensation on the inside of the glass panes.

You can also vary the two panes of glass. For instance, the inner pane might be 6mm and the exterior glass 10mm. You may do this if you wish to minimize low frequency noise such as traffic.

The idea of double glazing is that two pieces of glass pane will insulate your house much better than one single piece.

Why do I need a spacer?

You require a spacer to minimise the heat loss in your house. The space is filled with an inert gas which is likewise non-toxic. Since gas is denser than air it efficiently keeps the heat within, instead of letting it pass through the windows.

What are the benefits of thick glass?

Two panes of glass work much better than a single frame due to the fact that it decreases heat loss, which will in turn lower your heating costs. It will likewise lower your cooling expense due to the fact that the temperature in your home remains at a more consistent number.

The thicker the glass you pick, the better the insulation will be. Further advantages explained here.

How thick will the space be?

The space can come in sizes in between 6mm and 20mm. For the best energy effectiveness, 12mm is usually utilized. This has actually been shown to be finest for both thermal and acoustic insulation.

The space is likewise dependant on the size of your available space for a brand-new window. You might not be able, to or want to, knock the window opening out bigger and may go with thinner windows.

Because of temperature levels where you live, you may choose to have the thicker space and more insulation. Your double glaze company will suggest the best spacer for the region you reside in.

Any double-glazing system, even a the majority of standard one, will do a much better task than not having one and any gap thickness will be better than a single pane.

What about condensation?

Will double glazing stop condensation? This is among the most popular concerns consumers ask. You ought to not have any condensation between the two panes of glass. Neither ought to you have any fogging on the inner glass panes. Fog will tell you that the seal is harmed, and the double glazing is not working along with it should.

If you find fog or condensation, be sure to get it sorted right now before the problem gets worse. The majority of double-glazed windows will include a 10-year warranty simply in case this happens.

So, what to do it there is condensation?

This is not something you can do yourself. Normally if the double glazing is under guarantee the company will do this for you.

If the seals are damaged the option is typically to change the windows. Double glazed windows will ultimately have damage take place in time. Moisture will get in and damage or destroy the seal, especially in wooden windows.

How do I work out the total thickness of my double-glazed window?

You will require to think about the density of the glass you pick. This depends on the area you lie and how much insulation you need. It likewise depends upon how peaceful you desire your house to be.

  • If you decide for 6mm glass, you will need 12mm for 2 panes (inner and external).
  • To this you will need to include the size of the spacer. Again, this depends upon just how much insulation you require and how much sound reduction you prepare.
  • If you choose a 12mm space or spacer, you will have an overall of 24mm. This is written as 6:12:6 and this is what you can anticipate to hear when you speak to your double-glazing installer.

To sum up

The insulating effectiveness and the acoustic insulation are all greatly dependant on the space or spacer thickness. The ideal thickness for optimal efficiency is around 16mm for the area.

The lifespan of a common double-glazed window is between 10– 25 years although this depends on just how much direct sunshine the window receives. The more sun, the much shorter lifespan of the unit.

The thickness of the glass panes depends upon the temperature levels where you live and can vary from 4mm.

The seals on the panes of glass make a distinction to heat transference and harming them will jeopardize the efficiency of the window, so if you notice misting or condensation, it is better to let a professional do the repair rather than try it yourself.

Double glazing will not just decrease your heating bills and make your house more efficient, it will likewise include worth to the residential or commercial property along with curb appeal ought to you wish to sell it.

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Timber doors and windows need a quick maintenance check twice a year.

Take a few minutes to look thoroughly at the outside surface areas and look for any little fractures in the paint. Discovering these cracks early will prevent them triggering problems – especially as the winter months begin to attract. Take the time to check windows and doors on south and western dealing with elevations as these are specifically exposed to the weather in the UK.

Following your evaluation thoroughly clean the doors and windows with a soft brush (either a clean dust pan brush or a paint brush) to remove dust, cobwebs and other detritus. Following this carefully repair any cracks with matching paint utilizing a small brush. We recommend beginning to paint after the doors and windows have actually dried from the morning dew and likewise completing in time to enable the surfaces to dry to touch prior to the night moisture gets here.

Your timber frames and sashes will likewise take advantage of a fast tidy each time you wash the windows, use lukewarm water with moderate detergent to clean away any dirt or gunk to keep your frames and sashes looking like brand-new for years to come.

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If you are considering changing your existing windows, you may have come across the alternative of triple glazing instead of double glazing. Here are some facts about triple glazing to help you decide if it is something that deserves buying for your house.


Traditionally, window units have actually always been supplied with either single glazing which is simply a single pane of glass, or double glazing which is 2 panes of glass separated by a sealed air cavity. Triple glazing is basically the like double glazing, other than it is constructed with 3 panes of glass, creating 2 sealed air cavities.


Triple glazing can use much lower U-values compared with double glazing, reducing heat loss within the home and positively impacting your energy bills. Triple glazing can really help to improve the comfort of your house by lowering cold areas within a space thanks to the lower transfer of external temperature to the internal face of the glazing system due to the extra cavity and pane of glass.


In a word, no, not constantly. Today’s standard double glazing units are usually 28mm in thickness with a configuration of 4-20-4mm, which represents, glass thickness, cavity depth and glass thickness. As requirement, most double glazing must be provided with argon cavity gas, a minimum of 1 low-e finish and a warm edge spacer. When all these functions are provided, modern double glazing has a centre pane u-value of 1.2. Triple glazing is typically provided with a general thickness of 28– 44mm. A 28mm system with 1 low-e finish will accomplish a centre pane u-value of 1.3, in this setup, triple glazing would not be more energy effective than a double glazed unit.

If you are considering updating your brand-new windows to triple glazing we would recommend a minimum overall unit thickness of 36mm (4-12-4-12-4) with 2 Low e coatings, Argon cavity gas and warm edge areas utilized to join the glass panes together. This would attain a centre pane U value of 0.8 would be far more effective than basic double glazing. The density of triple glazing can be increased approximately an optimum of 52mm to accomplish greater total U worths.

If you are considering triple glazing it is very important to guarantee that you buy your windows from a credible company as you could quickly be supplied with windows that are more pricey and less effective than double glazing units.

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How double or triple glazing helps reduce condensation on windows

As condensation just forms on surface areas cooler than the surrounding air, double or triple glazing can significantly reduce it by permitting the inner glass of windows to keep heat.

Energy efficient windows and condensation

Existing Building Regulations specify that all new or replacement windows must fulfill minimum efficiency requirements. One approach of conference this requirement is to set up energy efficient double or triple glazed windows.

For condensation to happen, a low glass surface temperature level and high water vapour material in the air should be present.

What difference can double or triple glazing make?

Double or triple glazing and condensation

The essentials: A warmer glass surface area = less possibility of condensation.

Double or triple glazed windows are created to reduce the loss of heat from a space by conduction, from the inside to the beyond a building.

Under average conditions, and if a space is heated, the room side surface temperature level of the inner pane of a double or triple glazed window will be much higher than with single glazing.

As a result, the likelihood of condensation taking place when warm, damp air in the space comes into contact with the glass is minimized.

The importance of adequate heating

Double or triple glazing can only work effectively when there suffices heat within the space. When this holds true, it will considerably minimise the quantity of heat loss through the window and as a result the room-side glass surfaces of the window will maintain heat.

When spaces are improperly heated up, double or triple glazing will not have the ability to reduce heat lost via conduction through a window. In this situation, condensation might happen on the inside of windows no matter the energy efficiency of the glazing (due to the low relative temperature level of the glass surface).

The significance of sufficient ventilation

Present regulations concerning changing windows state that in regards to sufficient ventilation, the circumstance needs to not be intensified than it currently is.

This means:

  • If there are drip ventilators fitted in the existing windows, the brand-new windows need to likewise have vents that offer a minimum of the same efficiency.
  • If there are no trickle ventilators in the existing windows, they are not needed to be fitted to any new windows.
  • A failure to have sufficient ventilation in any heated space might result in condensation on other cold surface areas such as an un-insulated outdoors wall. For this reason it is very important to consider ventilation requirements when changing windows.

Why condensation occurs in vacant rooms

It is possible for condensation to take place in vacant rooms. This usually takes place due to the fact that such spaces aren’t heated up and the inner surface temperature of window glass gets near to the outdoors temperature.

While the room may not have any active sources of water vapour generation, vapour created in other places in the house can discover its way into an empty room. When it can’t escape it might then condense on the cooler glass of windows.

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Can new Windows Reduce Road Noise?

How is Road Noise Measured?

Noise is determined in decibels (db’s). In general terms noise is deadened the additional apart the two sheets of glass are apart, that’s why secondary glazing (spaced 200mm) uses maximum reduction however most residents are driven to do something with their main windows and expect the double glazed sealed unit to do the very same job.

Fitting two sheets (or triple) in the main windows will decrease sound, but you’ll get more decrease fitting 2 sheets of various thicknesses (4mm and 6mm) since sound resounds and sets of the 2nd sheet (if it’s the very same thickness). Property owners ought to likewise consider 6.8 mm “Stadip silence” a sound deadening laminated glass used in libraries as one of the sheets.

A lot of noise passes through trickle vents really easily regardless of frame product timber, PVC aluminium etc, and avoiding dirt and sound to go through is very difficult unless you have a monstrous size of drip vent. Many installers fit them thinking they are needed, if you existing windows don’t have them, the regs state your brand-new windows do not need them either (normal home no unique gas ventilation etc).

Wood frames, being strong will be less noisy than PVC frames which tend to be hollow unless they are foam filled.

So in summary, it is much better to have two thicknesses of glass or 2 sheets large apart like secondary glazing.

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